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Adult Membership: April 2019 - March 2020 (UK/Overseas/eMembership)

For those aged between 16 and 59 when membership starts (we have concessionary Junior Membership and Over-60s Membership for everyone else)

There are three categories of Adult membership: UK, Overseas, and e-Membership - the differences are listed below. All BHPC members get:

  • Four copies per year of the BHPC magazine LaidBack Cyclist. 'UK' and 'Overseas' members get a print copy of each magazine by post and can also download PDF versions. 'eMembers' only have download magazines.

  • Reduced entry to BHPC races. Pay £7 instead of £10 at each race or buy an annual pass (£55 for 12 races in 2019, excluding Derby Velodrome, 23rd March)


How to get your PDF downloads

  1. Look out for a link to Order Details after checkout is complete. You will also get an email called Order receipt from BHPC Shop with a link to your Order Details. Do not delete this email!

  2. The Order Details page contains links to the Download Editions of all your magazines for the year.

  3. The links will become activated as the magazines they point to are published through the year.

Keep the Order Receipt email for future reference - you will need it to access magazines as they come out. You should also receive an email reminder as each issue is published.

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