WC2018 Registration

The 2018 HPV World Championships will take place on 13-15 July 2018, hosted by the British Human Power Club at Betteshanger Park near Deal in Kent, UK

Here is where you can register to take part

  • You can register as an 'Adult' (16 years and over on 13 July 2018) or 'Junior' (12-15 years on 13 July 2018)

  • Any human-powered vehicle is allowed provided it has no other means of propulsion. Riders will be allocated to a single 'Class' based on the type of their vehicle (faired, rowbike, arm-powered, etc). Classes are solely for the purposes of results and prizes: all classes will race together in all races

  • You can register to compete with up to two different vehicles. If the vehicles are two different types your Class will be that of the faster/better machine

  • Onsite camping is available at Betteshanger Park for tents, caravans and motorhomes (campervans, RVs) on the nights of 12, 13, 14 and 15 July for £10.50 per tent or motorhome per night. Choose 'Camping' below to register for the nights you want

Please visit the dedicated WC2018 website for full details of the Rules, Classes, races and much, much more

The current list of registered racers is online and updated regularly

Any questions? Please email wc2018@bhpc.org.uk



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**SOLD OUT** Camping (£10.50 per pitch per night)

On-site pitches for tents, motorhomes or caravans. A pitch may only contain one tent / motorhome / caravan. If you are sharing with somone else then only one of you needs to book a pitch.
Choose the nights you want to camp, then the number of pitches (next to 'Add to cart'). The number of pitches applies to all nights for which camping is chosen.