Privacy policy

Like many other organisations the Club has a duty of care over how we handle your personal data electronically and, although we have no need to register, we have to comply with the Data Protection Act. This Act is being superseded by the General Data Protection Regulations which come into force in May 2018.

We only store quite a small amount of personal data but it is held electronically and is only available to authorised officers of the BHPC.

We store the information you provide when you apply for membership which is your name and address and email address. We also store when you joined and how you pay your annual subscription. We do not hold any bank account details or card numbers.

Once a subscription or purchase is complete we do not hold your card details. If you pay by Paypal then the Club does not see any details as these are held by Paypal.

The main use of your data is to provide names and addresses for mailing the Club magazine or to send you anything you purchase from the Club.

We will never make your information available to third parties without your express permission. The main example of such permission is the 'Data Privacy' question when you buy membership, allowing the sharing of contact details with other Club members.